Rörelsesga och workshop
How do children perceive the tiger?

Through our workshop we aim to introduce children to Indian culture and mythology with a combination of storytelling, puppetry, movement and folk art using the motif of the tiger.

This majestic animal makes frequent appearances in the realm of Indian folk art and culture in ever changing form, playing different roles, often inducing unexpected, creative responses in children from urban cultures.

The inspiration for the workshop comes from the traditional Tiger Dance, also known as Pullikali or Kaduvakalli, which is performed in southern states of India. This folk dance is characterized by body art, moving in a carnival procession and depending on the region – spirited dance movements.

The workshop will be conducted in English and Swedish. The storytelling segment will include singing in Hindi.

This will provide the opportunity to immerse, make meaning and explore artistic expression indigenous to India.

We were inspired  by the work of Wag Tales an education consultancy in India.
The Workshop Creators are :
Mrinalini D’souza (Waldorf Teacher) , Rani Nair (Choreographer) , Vidhi Sharma (Artist).

Tigerdanspresentation on video click here