I work as a dancer and choreographer with a special interest in decolonial practices and postcolonial aesthetics.

My choreographies have been programmed at the Centre National de la Dance Paris, ImpulsTanz Vienna, Spielart festival Munich, Ignite! Festival of contemporary dance Delhi, Singapore International Festival of Arts, Gothenburg Dance- and Theatre festival and at the Swedish biennial for performing arts. My work is also represented at the Performing arts museum, Dance museum in Stockholm and in the book Oxford Dictionary of Dance and Re-enactment.
Memory and archive is a recurring thematic in my work, firstly through a reconstruction of my inheritance of Kurt Jooss’ last choreography, Dixit Dominus, created for the Swedish based Indian dancer Lilavati, and later as a second order performance, a performance about the performance, Future Memory.

In An evening with Astad I performed together on stage with Astad Deboo, a pioneer of Indian contemporary dance and took a closer look at his early avantgard solos from the 1970-80s.
My latest work Memory Lab explores how the audience can embody other people's memories.

I’ve also participated in the curation of Ong Keng Sen in the Archive Box, an exchange between Japanese dance makers and artists of the Indian contemporary dance scene.

Guest teacher at SKH Uniarts, Stockholm Sweden

200 h YTT Yoga Instructor

Member of the art group Ful

Papers on my work

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