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Future Memory

“Nair sought to represent all the layers of her heirloom, which she performs not simply as reconstruction; instead she expands upon Häger and Jooss themselves."

I found myself asking: "Where does Lila end and Rani begin?" It became an imperceptible line.
Nirmala Seshadri straits times

“A warm-hearted, humorous approach to a personality and her legacy, to the dance of another time and the reflection upon it that inheritance is not only a gift.”

“As with Jooss’s work, everything here must have the effect of being particularly simple, unpretentious, and as though improvised. Her ‘dialogue' with a haute couture outfit was especially inventive; she uses a hairdryer to make a dancing partner, into whom she breathes life through currents of air."

“Future Memory (from 2012) is a layer- upon- layer choreography, a witty and profound dance performance which mingles with a discussion about choreographic heritage that is lively today.”
Örjan Abrahamsson, Dagens Nyheter 

“It is a gift to inherit something significant, but it can also mean a lot of pressure. You may even need to distance yourself and revolt [...]. And capture the time elapsed between the generations ... The dancer Rani Nair does all this in the solo ‘Future Memory,’ a wonderful, soul-searching, smart, funny and deeply personal act.”
Anna Ångström, Svenska Dagbladet

“This is a show with great humor and sincerity that raises questions about ethnicity, identity and artistic creation.”
Anna Lundholm, Kristianstadsbladet 

“An unusual dance historical dialogue. Rani Nair’s way to confront herself as a dance historical heir resembles an artistic research project, which includes data collection, critical attitude and an exploratory
form of work.”
Malena Forsare, Sydsvenskan 

“It is as if she creates a dance’s own “In Search of Lost Time” (after Marcel Proust’s famous novel) – but, in broken modernist form, more than futurism cubism, between humor and sadness, in her own style, which is constantly questioning itself, mirroring inward-outward.”  
Ingela Brovik, Danstidningen 

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Indisksvenska Rani Nairs solo "Cityscape" genomsyras av en cool attityd som man sällan ser på en svensk dansscen.
Dagens Nyheter

Storstadens puls, suveränt fångad. Aftonbladet