Lund International Choreography Assembly

Lund International Choreography Assembly - is a meeting place between theory and practice, caring for international artistic exchange guided by decolonial conviction and strategies.

LICA is hosted by Embassy of movement a platform based in Skåne working with representation, community and diversity.

LICA har hållits tre gånger tidigare (2015, 2016 och 2023).
2024 hålls LICA#4 i maj med fokus på danscommunityn och med publikt möte 18 maj på Skissernas museum i Lund.

17 maj på Danscentrum Syd, Malmö
18 maj på Skissernas museum, Lund

Denise Palmieri, Sandra Chatterjee, Alex Blum and Ray Roa

Denise Palmieri 

Denise Palmieri, a performance artist and curator currently based in Vienna. MA in Visual Arts and Performing Arts by the Academie of Fine Arts Vienna, in her work as a performance artist she explores the connection between experience and consciousness, examining the ritualistic and political aspects of the body and voice, while also challenging traditional approaches to knowledge production.

In 2020, Palmieri became co-president of the Austrian Association of Women Artists (VBKÖ). In her role as a curator, she addresses the theme of the "politics of care" across diverse disciplines. Her responsibilities involve fostering an inclusive artistic community among queer-feminist artists.

Sandra Chatterjee

Dr. Sandra Chatterjee ( is a scholar and choreographer interested in involving senses that are not usually foregrounded in dance, such as smell—most recently Smells of Racism and Smells of Coexistence. She is on the research team of the project Border-Dancing Across Time (Austrian Science Fund/FWF P 31958-G) at the University of Salzburg, and is co-organizing CHAKKARs - moving interventions to facilitate intersectional anti-racist, postmigrant, and decolonizing approaches to dance. Recent publications: “Dancing out of Time and Place: Memory and Choreography in the South Asian Diaspora in Continental Europe” (In Routledge Handbook of Asian Diaspora and Development, 2021) and “Queerings and Crossings: The Post Natyam Collective’s ‘The Sins of Such Wonderful Flesh’” (with Cynthia Ling Lee and Shyamala Moorty, in The Palgrave Handbook.

2012- 2016 as postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Art, Music and Dance studies, University of Salzburg)

Alex Blum
Instagram - @placenta___.

alex blum (they/she) is a trans* choreographer, performer, political educator, and somatic activist based between Copenhagen and Amsterdam, where they are currently graduating from the School for New Dance Development (SNDO). With their artistic work, alex researches the political economy of our senses in relation to legacies of queer resistance towards and healing from the colonial gender binary.

Raymond Roa Alonso

Ray Roa Alonso is a Anglo/Filipino contemporary dance artist based in Copenhagen, who has used his work to explore themes of social connections, fluid realities, queerness, and representation. Ray is known for his strong non-linear artistic interpretation which embodies subtle provocations using movement and visual imagery. His work is evoked from personal stories emanating from colourful lived memories as a Filipino ‘balikbayan’ to surface stories of (trans-)formed identities in order to confront the audience with the affects of subtle discrimination, queer acceptance, and topical social discourse.Founding member of P-noise collective which is based in Copenhagen Denmark.

• 2010-12 Skolen for Modern Dance DK: Masters points
• 2001-02 London Contemporary Dance School: Post Graduate
• 1999-2001 Northern School of Contemporary Dance: BA Honors

LICA#3  2023 på Skissernas Museum i Lund 27 - 29 april

Ögonblick fr 2023

TACK alla konstnärer, dansare, performers, deltagare

Ovan ser ni en kort dokumentation av ett fantastiskt arbete. Stor tacksamhet riktas till: Mia Habib, Diana Anselmo, Thais Di Marco, Raymond Roa, Emma Ribbing, Roula Samiotaki, Jerry Pedersen, Anders Duckworth, Sybrig Dokter, Escarleth Pozo, Anastasiia Krasnoshchoka, Maya Dalinsky, Eden Keflai, Maria Arkouli, Alex Blum, Sandy Ceesay, Isabella Khanamidi, Paolo de Venecia Gile, Maria Naidu, Julie Nioche, Ranya Asadi, Shreekripa Balasubramanian, Bipin Chacko, Ramprasad Ramakrishnan , Karthik Balachandran, Sravanthi Emani, Sajith Nair, Sandhya Nair, Dana Lötberg, Gabriella Voss, Shashank Acharya, Jayasri Vijaykumar, Shambhavi S Rao, Pangea Scenkonst, Amandus Pereira Kraftling, Carolina Petersson, Fronesis, Konstgruppen Ful, Moa Johansson, Nasim Aghili och Malin Holgersson

LICA Lund International Choreography Assembly har arrangerats 3 gånger sedan starten 2015. Inför LICA#3, april 2023 på Skissernas museum i Lund, fick vi in 97 ansökningar från lokala och internationella danskonstnärer som önskade delta.  Vi vill nu utveckla ett långsiktigt sätt att arbeta för att skapa hållbara arbetsmetoder och återkommande händelser relevanta för dansfältet, med Lund som bas, med upptagning från Öresundsregionen och internationellt.

Dans som motstånd och förändring.

Skissernas museum 27-29 april
Lund International Choreography Assembly är en mötesplats för lokala och internationella danskonstnärer och ett möte mellan praktik och teori. 

Inbjuden koreograf Mia Habib från Norge arbetar med lokala dansare: Samkome- work in progress. 


27 april fr kl 17.00
Wisdoms of Welcome
invingsceremoni med lokala dansare och konstälskare inkl Shreekripa Balasubramaniam, Ranya Asadi, Thami Hector Manekehla 
kl 18.30 konstgruppen Fuls anti-nationalistiska Tal till nationen  hybridversionen- om konstnärlig frihet

28 april drop in fr kl 17
kl 17.30 Konstnärlig Frihet
- Aw Samtal
Stadshallen / Botulfshörnan

Nasim Aghili och Malin Holgersson från konstgruppen Ful
Carolina Petersson / Fronesis
Frida Sandström / Paletten
Amandus Pereira Kraftling

29 april
kl 14 & 15. Dansens dag
rörelselekar, dans och ansiktsmålning Pangea Scenkonst

ca 16.30 Domkyrkoplatsen
Samkome- work in progress.
visning av nytt arbete av koreografen Mia Habib


The Embassy of Movement is a platform  based in the region of Skåne, south of Sweden. Dedicated to decolonial practices, collaborative works and participatory arts. 

Ambassadors at the moment are Rani Nair, Maria Stålhammar and Mrinalini D’souza.


Norsk kulturråd and SAMKOME was awarded a Big Pulse Dance Alliance Development Support Grant, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.